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GEBA mbH is a regional enterprise that is based in the Münsterland; in operation since 1991, we offer a broad range of services for jobseekers, people in employment, businesses and public institutions in the fields of basic and further vocational training, advice and consultancy, and job placement services.

The rapid advances in technology and the resulting changes in the demands made on people at work, paired with the ever increasing pace of change on the employment market make it necessary for businesses and employees alike to be constantly prepared to adapt and adjust. The closer integration of markets and the internationalization of the market for products and labour give knowledge and personal experience of other countries and cultures new significance.

We gladly accept this challenge and have made it our mission to support people both looking for work and already in work in broadening their professional skills. Made-to-measure consultancy and training programmes and individually planned qualification paths ensure good chances of enabling people to successfully manage the changes in workplace demands.

In just the same way as we see ourselves as a learning organization, our personnel, too, are lifelong learners with a constant interest in developing and testing participative forms of teaching and learning in dialogue and partnership with our customers.

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