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GEBA philosophy

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We are a regional enterprise that is based in the Münsterland and offers a broad range of services for jobseekers, people in employment, businesses and public institutions in the fields of basic and further vocational training, advice and consultancy, and job placement services. With made-to-measure consultancy and training programmes and individually planned qualification paths, we support our customers in successfully managing the changes in workplace demands.

Our customers are public bodies (employment agencies, job centres, ministries at federal and state level, the European Union, social insurance bodies in the field of pension and occupational accident insurance) as well as jobseekers, employees and businesses operating in all spheres of activity. Our products are aimed at everyone with an interest in further training. Through cooperation with other enterprises and participation in and further expansion of networks, we are constantly broadening the range of services we offer.

We advise our learning customers in their job application strategies and, when they have successfully found work, support them during the induction phase in their new employment. We provide retraining and further qualification programmes in commercial, IT and industrial and technical trades, concluding with the appropriate examinations held by North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Craft Trades. We offer integration language courses for people with an immigration background who, by improving their language skills, also improve their chances on the labour market. We also support companies in the field of personal development.

Our goal is for our learning customers to achieve sustained success in their professional development and to experience learning as a continuous process that enriches their lives. Any improvement in an individual’s personal qualification profile also always means a gain in autonomy for that person.

Our approach is characterized by seeing people as a whole and taking their individual needs and possibilities into account within the context of their social environment. Respect for the personality of the individual is at the forefront of everything we do. We treat the information and data of our customers with great care and conscientiousness, and always comply with the specifications of and the principles of fairness and human rights.

Our strengths lie in our regional knowledge and the individuality and flexibility of the services we offer. Through our close contact with employers, we are able to recognize trends on the labour market in good time. As a flexible organization, we are able to respond to the changing wishes of our clients and implement them at short notice. We are open towards new markets, subject matter and methods and are therefore able to develop innovative and increasingly international programme concepts which are characterized by forward-looking thinking.

Our quality manifests itself in clearly defined and firmly implemented programme concepts. To ensure compliance with our quality aspirations, we continuously evaluate our projects. We are self-critical and responsive to criticism from outside. We learn through our mistakes – helping us ensure our continuous quality improvement. We fulfil the expectations of our customers by performing our services in accordance with the principles of social responsibility, economy and transparency. By maintaining detailed documentation, we make it possible to review the economy, professional implementation and meaningful nature of our projects.

Our culture is steered by the principle of equal opportunity. We foster the equality of men and women in all areas of society, the social integration of people of foreign background, while at the same time respecting cultural and religious differences and diversity, and the need to give due consideration to the individual biographical and cultural learning basis and competencies of our customers.

We see ourselves as a learning organization that is open to change, thus enabling us to adapt our training programmes to the current labour market situation and the needs of our customers. We achieve this through close, personal and open cooperation between all parties involved. We see it as our fundamental task to play an active role in shaping personnel and labour market policy. In order to achieve this goal, we respond to the wishes of our clients and attach major importance to proactive, professional and critical dialogue with them.

Our personnel, in addition to their professional qualifications, also have experience of real-life practical working. As a result, we are able to guarantee transfer of valuable practical knowledge for our customer groups. We are keenly aware that committed and motivated personnel are the crucial resource of our company. Promoting the satisfaction of our staff is therefore a key area of our management and leadership processes. To maintain and further develop their personal and professional qualifications, we offer further training measures and also support individual requests for upgrading skills in key theme areas.

Our leadership style is cooperative, with great importance attached to delegating responsibility. We strive to maintain a balance between freedom of decision-taking and the necessary degree of regulation. Our decision-making and communication channels are short. We give preference to personal dialogue, and avoid internal bureaucracy.