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"Move and Work“
International Expert Workshop
"Finding the Familiar in the Foreign – Methods of Preparation of Work
Placements Abroad as a ‘Door‐opener’ into Training and Work"
on September 16, 2014 in Münster

09:30 Arrival & Coffee
Gleis 22, Hafenstraße 34, 48153 Münster
10:00 Welcome
Hubertus Pliester, Managing Director of GEBA mbH
  Method Package – Conditions for Successful Labour Market Integration through Work Experience Abroad
Opening Speech by Claudia Böing, Nassira Merker and Dr. Katy Teubener, IdA Project Co‐ordinators
10:30 Intercultural Competence ‐ Key Competences in Modern Work and Life
Keynote Speech by Dr. Debbie Coetzee‐Lachmann, Head of the Language Centre at Osnabrück University
10:50 (Self‐) Reflection and Presentation Ability ‐ Theatre as an Intercultural and Inclusive Space for Learning and Gaining Experience
Practical Experience Report by Barbara Kemmler, Founder and Artistic Director of the Theatre Group „Cactus Junges Theater“
11:15 Coffee Break
11:30 Role Plays ‐ Learning in Foreign Working and Living Environments
Panel Discussion Moderated by Andreas Rauchfuss with IdA Participants, Transnational “Move and Work” Project Partners and Representatives from Business, Local Communities and Education
13:00 Lunch Break

Round Tables (moderated)

Topic 01: Successful Preparation of Work Placements Abroad through Intercultural Training and Theatre Pedagogy
Topic 02: Employablity through Transnational Mobility Experience!?
15.30 Conclusion and Outlook
16:00 Coffee & Opportunity for Informal Exchange
17:00 End of the Event