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GEBA business areas

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Job placement

Measures in the field of job placement serve the purpose of direct labour market integration; as a rule, it does not provide for any occupation-related (group) qualifications. Individual qualification measures required to fill a specific job can in a specific instance be carried out after consultation with the clients.

Technical retraining courses and qualification measures

The focus in the field of technical retraining courses and qualification measures are the occupational fields of warehouse management, security services and professional drivers with Chamber of Commerce examinations. GEBA arranges for collaboration with training institutes and companies and makes use of their infrastructure.

Business retraining courses and qualification measures

We offer retraining courses and qualification measures in skilled business and IT technology occupations and occupational fields. In this case, besides the particular special occupational skills, application skills in operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet calculation, databases, presentation and internet use are offered. In addition to that, those participating in our courses have the opportunity to acquire internationally recognised certificates like the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) and/or the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) certificate.

German as a foreign language

As course providers certified by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees we offer integration courses for migrants living in Germany. Besides acquiring the "German Certificate," level B1 GER, the occupationally related language training focuses on the acquisition of specialised and occupation-related German skills and language training in the workplace (so-called ESF-BAMF courses). In that way, our course participants are given a realistic opportunity for societal participation and permanently based integration.

Job market integration and training

Measures in the job market integration and training division prepare the participants for integration into the job market or the training market without reference to specific occupations. Through intense counselling and servicing and by combining this with trainee placements, the participants are familiarised with the requirements of employment and integrated into the job market. This encompasses training measures and measures geared to specific target groups (e.g. young people, women, young mothers, the long-term unemployed, older unemployed).